Marketing Tips

Hey there,

Do you fell that your blog is not getting good response and viewers. Let me help you with some marketing tips to get some good views and response.

So here are the step to market your blog.

Step No 1: Target Your Content To A Specific Readership, Unless you want to throw all of your marketing budget and precious time on people who could care less about your blog, then you must pay attention to determine the preferred audiences to whom you would like to target. Before posting any piece, determine if it hits the sweet spot of your demographic.

Step No 2: Be Original & Be Honest Don’t follow the herd within your sphere of interest. Followers aren't innovators and innovation keeps readers reading. So, don’t simply spin the same old post. Take an original slant on a common topic. Verify your facts and provide links to additional verification. Readers trust you to be a good reporter, instructor, mentor or inspiration so keep it honest at all times.

Step No3 : Don't Be Afraid Of A Little Controversy. Controversy sells You and I know that. If it is a part of your business model, be prepared to engage others with differing opinions because, guaranteed, lots of readers will disagree, and you may even encounter a few trolls and haters who frequent blogs for no other purpose than to post inflammatory garbage.

Step No 4: Simplify Subscriptions don’t hide your RSS button down the page together with your WordPress theme credit links, make them visible & clear for your reader’s eyeballs by taking the following approaches:
  • Add an RSS chicklet at the top of your sidebar so visitors can easily load your posts into their RSS readers. Offer email subscriptions.
Step No 5: Social Media Marketing, we know what it is so i don't think i need to explain it.
Step No 6: Don't Oversell. Teach, Too .If you post to social media sites all day long, flogging your latest blog post, it won't be long before your Facebook friends hit the hide button next to your name. It can’t be all selling and no sizzle. Instead, post information on a new blog piece, but also post news from other sites that you think will benefit your readers. Know when to stop pushing for a larger readership and when to start giving away information to drive more readers to your blog.

Step No 7: Follow these steps, so that your blog can get more readers and views in future.

I hope this helps you.